PhySC Gym Trainers

Meet Our Trainers

Ajmera-Pimpri Branch

Mr. Shrikant is one of the most famous personal trainer in PhySC gym. He has 14 years of experience in fitness industry. Certified in yoga and personal training and special population. Always ready to educate his clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines.
  • Personal Training
  • Strength
  • Yoga & Spinning Training
Mr. Piyush, one of the most unique and talented personal trainer in PhySC gym. Having 3+ years’ experience in fitness. Certified in personal training. Specialization in strength training, diet, counseling, result oriented workout planer. TABATA trainer.
  • Personal Training
  • Weight Gain
  • Exercise Physiology
Mr.Atharva Sawai is energetic knowledgeable personal trainer w ith 1year of experience in designing and monitoring Fitness programs designed to accommodate clients needs and requirement. He is result oriented trainer with passion for designing programs that improve fitness,stamina and healthy living styles. He has ability to motivate and inspire clients regardless of fitness level,encouraging habits that are life changing.He takes coordinated and special events to promote his personal training services by giving his 100% result to his clients.
We all have different bodies and each individual is different so sometimes it's beneficial to hire a personal trainer. Mr mubeen is one of the most talented personal trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals. He is a coach counselor a teacher a source of inspiration and motivation in our Physc gym. He is been certified from k11 academy and better for you academy with 8 years of his experience in fitness industry. He will constantly keep you inspired and stimulated by keeping you involved in interesting activities with health care and nutrition. His guidance will always keep you involved in different fitness exercise n Alwz be fit n be in touch with Physc gym.
Mr. Nitesh Gaikwad is a k11 best and unique certified trainer. Nutrition & personal trainer. Has 6 year experience in fitness industry. Good physic and excellent assessment and training skills. Good verbal skills. His speciality in specialist in circuit training, body transformation, lean gain workout program & weight, gain program, fat loss & shreding workout program, nutrition program.
Mr. Rohan Waghmare is one of the youngest and talented certified trainer.More than 5 years He is been connected to fitness industry. As a trainer he 3 years experience. Keeps his clients always motivated and positive. Good communication skills and well discipline. His speciality/skills are -
  • Expert knowledge in human anatomy
  • Capable of teaching clients how to use gym equipment
  • Specialist in taking abs activity
  • Fat loss
  • Weight gain
Mr. Shubham Mishra is one of best and unique certified trainer. Has 4 year experience in fitness industry. Good physic and excellent assessment and training skills. Good verbal and writing communication skills.
  • Specialist in spinning activity
  • Specialist in circuit training
  • Body transformation
  • Weight gain
  • Fat loss
Mr Shrikant Bodke is extremely passionate about fitness and believes that the key to your dream body is dedication. He is not only hard working but also ensure that you are committed to your health and help you attain the fitness goal you strive for through a variety of fail-proof workout techniques derived from his past 3 years of experience.
  • K11 Certified
  • CP and AED
  • Specialises in strength training

Chichwad Branch

Mr. Abhijit Awhad is one of the best certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant as well as a dietitian and special population. He has an 8 years experience in the field of nutrition and fitness industry. He is very passionated towars helping people to make transformation. As well as provides best diet to be fit and healthy and many other aspects of wellness and exercise.
Swapnil Kumbhar is a K11 Fitness Academy certified "Trainer" having an overall 4 years of experience in fitness industry. He is also a Swedish certified "Masseur"(Massage Therapy)from K11 Fitness Academy. His special skills are Dedication towards the member's physique he is assigned to but not only the Personal training ones but to the general training member's also. He is well Disciplined and a Hard Working person. He incorporates functional training in his workouts,making sure that each workout helps clients improve physical performance in daily routine lifestyle .

Hadapsar Branch

Mr. Nitin Salvekar is the part of physc gym as a fitness trainer. He has 10 years of experience in fitness industry. He aware about fitness to educate people about proper exercise and how to maintain fitness in genral physical lyfstyle and also known as muscle gain and fat loss training workout and sport nutrition and bodybuilding training.
Mr. Vijendra is most experienced coach in PhySC gym. Specialization in yoga and group ex activity. Having 7 years’ experience in fitness industry. Certified in personal training and special population. Master in: Cardio training, group ex activity.

Kharghar Branch

Mr. Ravi is most active and confident personal trainer in physc gym. 4+ years’ experience in fitness field certified in integrated fitness and sports institute (IFSI pune) personal training. Qualification graduation BCS, great personality to get trained with form and technique. Specialization in weight loss and weight gain. Diet plan weight gain,weight loss,muscle building.

Talegaon Branch

Mr. Ankit Moholkar is certified Personal training in (TIESS) physc gym Talegaon branch with 2 years of experience. Certified IFSA - P. T. Course, TIESS Academy- P. T, Nutrition, Yoga, ketal-bel. /div>
Mr. Pravin Khollam is certified new parsonal Trainer in physc gym talegaon branch & have 9 months experience. His speciality in Good communication, Well cleanliness, Good physics, Alertness, Work sincerely, Honest
He is One Of The most active confident & Popular Certified Personal Trainer In Physc Gym. He has 5+ Years Of Experience In Fitness Industry. Great Personality To Get Trained With Proper Guidence & Form Technique. Qualification in - Cetificate In Fitness, K11 FitnessAcademy (Pune), Personal Trainer, Advanced Sports Nutritionist. His Speciality in :
  • Counselling
  • Strength Training
  • Weight gain program
  • Fat Loss Program
  • Result Oriented Diets Planer
  • Core Training (Trainer )
  • Spinning (Trainer )
  • Tabata (Trainer )